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Breathing life into clay is magic to me.

Time and time again I am fascinated by the way a lump of clay unfolds to become a work of art.

I believe every person is a potential artist and we can all learn to create.

My name is Miri Idan. I am a ceramics artist and the owner of a Ceramics Studio in Moshav Ein Sarid situated in the Sharon area.

My studio is a haven for ceramics, pottery, creation and inspiration.
I hand make designed ceramics and pottery for your home, kitchen and dining table. I also take special orders; I love to capture and bring to life what you had in mind according to your style, wish and budget.
Using unique techniques and my own color pallets and glazes, each and every piece of mine is hand crafted to detail.

In my studio I also offer ceramics classes and workshops.
I teach techniques, decorating, textures, colors and glazes as well as clay throwing and working on the potter's wheel.

Ceramics and Pottery Classes are designed for those seeking an opportunity to craft and create in a quiet location. Here you pause from life's overwhelming race, connect to yourself, breath and evolve at your own pace.
Ceramics and Pottery Workshops I offer tailored workshops for different crowds: parents and their children during school holidays, groups of adults, parties and celebrations, families and friend's gatherings, ODT's and more.

My professional credo is to give every person whom enters my studio, whether it is to learn, create or shop – the best.
One of my goals is to bring ceramics and pottery to as many people I can, so they can all discover the talent they have. Anyone can make beautiful, colorful, decorative pieces to make their lives happier and more interesting. My role is to teach and guide them.

As I always had the urge to create, I have experienced many fields of arts and crafts: embroidery, weaving, knitting, jewelry and metal work, graphics design and more.
16 years ago I experienced working with clay for the first time and I fell in love; ever since I have been working with clay and ceramics is the essence of my professional life.
The encounter with the raw clay and the ability to turn mud into a practical or artistic piece both beautiful, is a majestic and fulfilling experience.
Over the years I studied ceramics, pottery and creation methods from the best teachers. I partake in professional symposiums and keep on learning, updating and upgrading myself continuously.

I love the clay's texture, its feel and the idea of taking a lump of it and breathing life into it.
I love exploring and experimenting colors and glazes and playing along with textures and engravings, while discovering again and again the infinite, wondrous world of ceramics.

Helping people was always my passion and for many years I practiced social work.
Today I combine both my passions: ceramics and helping people.
I bring into my classes and workshops the gifts I always had: patience, compassion and the ability to heal this time through art.

For some people, working with clay is a primal and rudimental experience enabling a deep feeling of connection with mother earth. For others it is a form of meditation and time to connect to one's soul.
I provide creative space and freedom, taking into account each person needs, pace, age and ability.

I welcome you to an experience of inspiration, pleasure, learning, therapy and creating beautiful pieces.

Miri Idan

……… …….,
Moshav Ein Sarid

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